Course curriculum

    1. First Layers

    2. Layer 2 & color recipes

    3. Layer 3

    4. Adding extra flowers

    5. Light Purple Flowers & Green foliage

    6. Adding Layers & Touching Up The Sky

    7. Enhancing with smaller brushes

    1. Loosening up the final layer pt. 1

    2. Loosening up the final layer pt. 2

    3. Loosening up the final layer pt. 3

    1. Signing your artwork

    2. Protective Varnish

    3. Canvas Edges

    4. Installing a Dustcover & Hanging Hardware

    5. naming your artwork

    6. Staging your artwork to sell

    1. "Should I clean my brush after each layer"

    2. "My paint isn't gliding on the canvas"

    3. What's fat over lean?

    4. My Go-To Solvents & Mediums to speed up drying time

    5. Speed up drying time: Blot Method

    6. Add this to your paint mixture to speed up drying time

    7. What should be the consistency of my underpainting & early layers?

    8. My layer is too wet to keep going?

    1. 30 helpful artist tips to jumpstart your creative journey.

    2. Painting with Words: 170+ Titles to Elevate Your Artwork

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“Many moons ago, I was a studio art major and switched majors because I didn’t feel good enough- my professors didn’t help. I’m a creative- writer and art lover- and through decades of work and mothering, I’ve stifled my creativity. I saw Shakia at the Big Four Arts Festival and her work immediately inspired me. After my first day working on her class, I felt a burst of energy and confidence. I have a lot to learn still but love the approachability of this lesson. I was initially intimidated and worried I would disappoint myself, but I am so excited now. Thanks Shakia, can’t wait to finish and do more.”

Tara Leigh

“Thank you!! Enjoying your class and the process!”

Emily Blankenship

“I learnt a lot from your course”


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  • 170+ Paint Names Ebook

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    Access to over 170 painting names & Tips for naming your paintings: Get valuable advice on how to choose the perfect name for your artwork and make it an integral part of your creative process. Inside, you'll discover: Names that evoke emotions: Choose names that resonate with your audience and convey the feelings behind your artwork, whether it's serenity, passion, or nostalgia.

  • 28 Helpful Artist Tips To Jumpstart Your Creative Journey - Download

    $27 Value

    This eBook is your compass for navigating the exciting world of oil painting, offering invaluable insights, techniques, and money-saving tips. Topics include: paint supplies, shipping, installing a dustcover, varnish, painting process, speeding up drying time, making prints, staging your artwork & MORE.

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