Course curriculum

    1. Composition & First Layer

    2. Darks

    3. Midtones

    4. Lights

    5. Final Edits & details

    1. Varnishing in Real Time

    2. Varnishing your painting

    3. Dustcover & Install Hanging Hardware

    4. Naming your artwork

    5. Painting the edges

    1. FAQ fat over lean

    2. FAQ tweaks to orange base

    3. My Go-To Solvents & Mediums to speed up drying time

    4. Should I clean my brush after each layer

    5. "My paint isn't gliding on the canvas"

    1. 30 helpful artist tips to jumpstart your creative journey.

    2. Painting with Words: 170+ Titles to Elevate Your Artwork

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  • 1.5 hours of video content

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Bonus material

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  • Painting with Words: 170+ Titles to Elevate Your Artwork - Download

    $27 value

    Access to over 170 painting names & Tips for naming your paintings: Get valuable advice on how to choose the perfect name for your artwork and make it an integral part of your creative process. Inside, you'll discover: Names that evoke emotions: Choose names that resonate with your audience and convey the feelings behind your artwork, whether it's serenity, passion, or nostalgia.

  • 30 Helpful Artist Tips To Jumpstart Your Creative Journey - Download

    $27 value

    This eBook is your compass for navigating the exciting world of oil painting, offering invaluable insights, techniques, and money-saving tips. Topics include: paint supplies, shipping, installing a dustcover, varnish, painting process, speeding up drying time, making prints, staging your artwork & MORE.


From REAL students #shakiaharrisart @shakiaharrisart

“Many moons ago, I was a studio art major and switched majors because I didn’t feel good enough- my professors didn’t help. I’m a creative- writer and art lover- and through decades of work and mothering, I’ve stifled my creativity. I saw Shakia at the Big Four Arts Festival and her work immediately inspired me. After my first day working on her class, I felt a burst of energy and confidence. I have a lot to learn still but love the approachability of this lesson. I was initially intimidated and worried I would disappoint myself, but I am so excited now. Thanks Shakia, can’t wait to finish and do more.”

Tara Leigh

“First and foremost, there is no way I would even be attempting to paint if it wasn't for Shakia Harris being vulnerable and sharing her story and healing journey through art. I am so inspired by Shakia and admire how much time and energy she pours into helping others feel valued, appreciated, and seen. It was difficult to pick up the paintbrush after losing my younger sister. Madelyn loved to draw and would constantly be doodling away on her iPad. Earlier that year I had decided to try painting myself and even though I had only a few color splotches and faded lines of my underpainting poking through, she always told me I was doing great and encouraged me. It didn't feel right painting without her here, to not be able to share those moments with her. Just your daily reminder to not stop living. Just do the dang thing and force yourself through the uncomfortable awkward and new stages. You never know what you'll end up creating”

Danielle Goss

“Thank you!! Enjoying your class and the process!”

Emily blankenship

“I learnt alot from your course”



Shakia Harris

Artist & Special Education Teacher

I'm Shakia Harris, an artist, educator, advocate, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. I seek to infuse each canvas with thick texture, vibrant colors, and emotional brushstrokes to spark curiosity, and encourage viewers to embrace the beauty of imperfection. After graduating from Western Kentucky University (WKU) in 2015 with a degree in Exceptional Education, Learning and Behavioral Disabilities/ Moderate to Severe Disabilities, I discovered the transformative power of painting in oils. In 2018, I taught myself to paint, and it became a therapeutic outlet (victim of an armed home invasion), helping me navigate the complexities of life and find solace in creativity. I started selling original oil paintings to fund my special needs classroom. I'm now an award-winning artist with worldwide collectors and features in the following: Today Show, Wayfair, ABC 36, Scary Mommy, Today's Woman Magazine, Louisville Business First 40 Under 40, WLKY, Artist/Mother Podcast, & so many more. Visit to learn more